1. Patients whose ovarian cancer has reappeared (recurrence) after primary or repeated therapy, can participate in the trial if the recurring ovarian cancer is “platinum resistant“. This means that the tumour does no longer respond to the standard therapy consisting of a platinum-based chemotherapy.
  2. Additionally, a certain type of ovarian cancer must be present (histologic subtype). There are different types of ovarian cancer. This new treatment form is only used for a specific type of ovarian cancer (i.e. “poorly differentiated serous”, “poorly differentiated endometrioid” and “undifferentiated” ovarian cancer). This is because patients who have this type of ovarian cancer are most likely to benefit from the new treatment form.
  3. There is a number of other specific medical findings that are required (inclusion criteria) or must not be present (exclusion criteria) so that you can participate in this trial. These must be reviewed by your treating physician.
  4. The GANNET53 trial is available for participation in certain sites in Austria, Germany, France and Belgium. For more information, please visit page “Stay Connected – GANNET53 sites in your area”.
  5. If you are interested in participating in this trial, please contact the persons or physicians listed under „GANNET53 sites in your area“.