Cancer patients have many possibilities to contribute to an increased sense of well-being. Especially a healthy diet and regular exercise on a moderate level can increase the quality of life after surgery as well as during and after treatment with chemotherapy.

Nutritional health recommendations for cancer patients are basically the same as for healthy people. It is advisable to eat rather many small portions throughout the day instead of few big ones. You should also avoid the excessive consumption of refined sugar, alcohol, fat and cigarettes. And it is better to eat fresh food instead of canned or frozen food.  It is also advisable to eat fruit and vegetables regularly, but don’t forget to wash it thoroughly before eating!

Eating less meat and more whole- grain products as well as fresh food like milk is definitely well recommended. You should also avoid so-called ‘cancer diets’ that should be able to ‚starve‘ cancer. These questionable methods to fight cancer lack any kind of scientific foundation and can cause malnutrition and deficiency symptoms with all the unpleasant consequences this entails. Also the benefit of high dose vitamin products is not scientifically confirmed. In the opposite, some studies even demonstrated negative effects. High dose vitamin products can under certain circumstances cause colic, kidney stones, diarrhea and nausea. Low dose vitamin products seemed to have no side effects.

Some cancer patients may be fed through a tube. In this case your treating doctor and a nutritionist will find an appropriate nutritional plan. In addition, you can ask for the brochure ‚nutrition in cancer‘ by the German Cancer Aid. There you will find more information on this topic.

It is, anyway, crucial to create a relaxed atmosphere during the meals and to make sure you have enough time to eat without hurry.